Software For Lenders from DirectID, on Tablet and Phone.
Software For Lenders from DirectID, on Tablet and Phone.

The quickest way to start using bank data.

Book your demo today & your business could be using real-time bank data to make decisions in less than a week.

Our products are built by the experts: you

We work with our customers to deliver products that work in the real world.

Our products are built by the experts: you

We work with our customers to deliver products that work in the real world.

30+ Customers

Bank data is what we do.

We enable any business to effortlessly make use of real-time bank data to grow your business, revolutionise your offerings, and transform your customers’ experience.

Zero-integration solutions.

Technical capacity is no longer a barrier to using bank data. With DirectID fully hosted solutions you can start accessing live customer data in less than a week!

Underwriting Software with Zero-integration from DirectID, on Notebook
Credit Check Software from DirectID Insights, on Notebook

Instant financial insights.

Let us ease your workload by analysing consumer financial trends and providing them back to you in an easy to consume way.

You can view loan repayments and gambling risks in seconds and make more informed decisions to lower your risk.


Data integrations that work.

We don’t just think our platform works, we know it, and we test it every day. Our bank data API powers the B app from CYBG Bank, enabling thousands of users to access open banking data everyday.

We also power our own PFM, NoMo, allowing us to test inhouse and improve our APIs for the real world.

Open Banking API with from DirectID Data, on Tablet and Phone
Bank Account Validation from DirectID Connect, on Phone

Secure & simple onboarding.

A few clicks is all it takes for consumers to provide consent to read-only access of their financial data. Saving time for the consumer, increasing conversion, and reducing your risk with secure read-only bank data access.

Our widget is simple to integrate and ensures you provide the best experience to customers no matter what platform they are viewing your process from.


Our products enable financial institutions and more to start using bank data now.

Make better affordability decisions.

With the ability to see what outgoings the applicant has compared to salary or income, calculating discretionary spend becomes far simpler. With sight of discretionary spend and available resource, financial institutions are therefore much better placed to make judgements on whether a loan is affordable for the applicant.  

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Reduce risk with income verification.

Verifying consumer income can be a difficult task. With business setup to provide temporary deposits to inflate perceived income, data on deposits being variable, and customers working contracts or multiple jobs, it can be difficult to verify income.

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Transform your collections processes.

Increase collection rates and efficiency by
gaining accurate and up-to-date insight into your customers’ financial position. Our real-time financial data and analytics service provides the most reliable information, direct from the customer’s online bank account, to help your collections team.

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Enhance your credit risk management.

The days of relying on aged credit data, self-asserted income or paper copies of bank statements are over. DirectID real-time financial data and insights, such as Verified Income, supplement credit bureau reporting to enable faster and smarter credit risk underwriting for lenders.

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Identify fraudsters through

bank account validation.

Avoid impostors and reduce fraud by quickly and easily validating bank accounts. Instantly verify a customer’s bank account and provide a fast and frictionless onboarding experience to help eliminate concern around customer absconsion. 

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Mitigate application fraud and save money.

To give your business the fraud protection it needs, you need a stronger method of verifying your customers’ identities than physical document requests or PDF statements. You need to ensure customers’ personal electronic bank details are authentic without increasing your security requirements by storing confidential information.

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Partnering with you for success.

When you sign up for one of our services, we don’t just set you up and walk away. Our dedicated customer success team will work with you to make sure you get the most from our products.

  • Environment setup & implementation
  • Widget and Hosted page customisation
  • User training for dashboards and analytics
  • Technical & financial support queries
  • Customer conversion and retention advice

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