Our Story.
From humble beginnings we started out to solve one of the greatest challenges of our time - trust online.


Creating Trust Online.

From humble beginnings we started out to change the world. To solve one of the greatest challenges of our time. To create a layer of trust in the internet that empowers us all to do more online, with ease, convenience and safety.

The concept of a trusted digital identity is the brainchild of Canadian entrepreneur and technology expert James Varga, who wanted to solve the disconnect between people’s real and online identities. In 2009, he created an online identity system as credible as a passport or driving license. miiCard (My Internet Identity) was born.

The ID Co. now creates trust online in over 32 countries, across 5 continents and to a potential audience of over 500 million consumers.

Breaking Down Trading Barriers.

We’re committed to building a layer of trust in the internet. As such, we love to get involved in projects and initiatives devoted to achieving this goal.

We played an active part in the UK’s Open Bank Working Group and worked with HM Treasury in establishing an open API standard in banking. We’re members of FDATA (Financial Data and Technology Association) in the United Kingdom, Trust in Digital Life (TDL) in Europe and OIX (Open Identity Exchange) internationally.

miiCard, the digital passport for consumers, is part of a pilot with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and the State of North Carolina, and has recently featured in a collaboration with TDL and Microsoft that allows miiCard members to log into any Azure Active Directory B2C enabled service.

Our business service, DirectID, was launched in 2015 into a marketplace that was still using old school systems in a brave new digital world. DirectID is now actively deployed by global and local banks, wealth management platforms and leading online lenders.

Both services are about empowering consumers with their online data to change the way we do business digitally. The value of live financial data and bank verified identities is now recognised as crucial in addressing one of the greatest pains of the time: proving you are who you say you are. And knowing enough about you to give you the products and services you desire.

Where We Are Headed.

The next part of our story is still ahead of us. Making the internet truly safe.

Today we are focused on growing the number of sites and services using DirectID. The result is happier customers, slicker onboarding, near instant identity verification, automatic compliance and dramatic reductions in fraud.

Faster than traditional methods and, for example, taking just 24 seconds on average for bank verification.

Easier by working with what consumers already have, their existing bank verified identities and documents, so they don’t have to go offline, be delayed or drop out.

Stronger by utilising their bank statements, direct from source, combined with traditional bureau checks and document authentication. All in one single platform to provide the best in what’s available internationally today.

Our Values.

Our core values define who we are, what we want to be and how we work.
Want to get onboard and join us in building trust online?