Certified Customer Bank Statements.

Bureau and CRA checks aren’t enough because the data is widely shared. Document scans just check the image and don’t prove the person’s identity. None of these solve your problem. A new source of trust is needed.

If you need to rely on them you can get them notarised from the bank, but this takes weeks. If you just want them for compliance you can also have them printed and posted, but it takes days.

If it’s just the data you need, you can download and scan. This is faster but how do you know they’ve not been tampered with? And with all of these, none make it easy to use the data. What if there was a better way? There is – the solution is DirectID, by The ID Co. Read on to learn more, or try our DirectID bank statement tools today.

Bank Statements Direct from the Account

DirectID, snippet of certified bank statements

What if your consumer could share their bank statement directly from their bank to you … in under 2 minutes?

Certified Bank Statements are like normal bank statements but digital and direct from the bank. The key difference is they are tamper proof and available instantly. With the freedom to use the data in the way that works for you.

  • Faster – 1,440 times faster than a printed copy
  • Easier – Access instantly on a dashboard or API
  • Stronger – Directly from the bank account to you


Key Features:

  • Provider information such as name, region and sort/ routing codes provided for each connected account.
  • All accounts available through a connection are displayed.
  • Global coverage of over 15,000 accounts through 5,500 banks.
  • Classification of transaction such as Direct Debit, Point of Sale, Cash etc.
  • Date and Description providing detailed transaction information.
  • Transaction by Category makes it easy to show types of expenditure including household, dining out, utilities, etc.
  • Credits, Debits and Balances for up to the last 90 days of live transaction data.
  • Download bank statements in CSV or PDF for offline or compliance requirements.
  • Access raw data in standard formats (JSON or XML) through the API that fit seamlessly in your decision engine or CRM for easy analysis and reporting.
  • Use the Dashboard and its rich filtering and sorting functionality to find the information you need.


““Our clients are choosing to verify through DirectID for speed and efficiency, they are really embracing it because it lets them complete their entire application all online.”

Lyndsay Wagster, Underwriting Manager

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