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Security (DirectID)

To give your business the fraud protection it needs, you need a stronger method of verifying your customers’ identities: comparing customers’ personal electronic bank details with bureau-confirmed data. But how do you confirm this vital information, especially when...

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Compliance (DirectID)

Compliance – at times it can be complex and inefficient, but it can be even more challenging from the customer’s point of view. When completing what they thought would be a streamlined online signup, customers often dislike having to locate and submit personal...

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Identity Verification (DirectID)

As the world becomes increasingly digital by default, identity fraud protection is becoming a greater concern for both individuals and businesses. Increased government and industry regulations (such as AML, KYC, and SOX) seek to place the responsibility on businesses...

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Customer Verification (DirectID)

Customer Verification, more and more services are moving online for ease and accuracy, and customer identity verification is no different. What is different, however, is the customer identification service you’ll get from DirectID. No hoops, no hurdles – just the most...

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Bank Validation (DirectID)

Looking to validate bank account details during customer onboarding, affordability assessments, or to offset risk? Try DirectID, our bank account validation software allows you to validate bank details without any of the usual time and hassle. Key Features Instant...

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