A digital passport
Increase the privacy and speed of your online transactions.

The miiCard (My Internet Identity) Digital Passport service is a global self-sovereign Bring Your Own Identity (BYOID) service that lets consumers prove ‘they really are who they say they are’, purely online, in minutes and to the same level as a physical passport or photo ID check.

Through a patented process that leverages the trust between an individual and their financial institution, miiCard establishes identity to Level of Assurance 3+ and meets Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering identity guidelines, enabling the sale of regulated products and services purely online. Combining online identity proofing with strong authentication, miiCard provides the trust and security required for people and businesses to meet and transact with confidence in a purely digital environment.

miiCard is part of a pilot with the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and the State of North Carolina, and has recently featured in a collaboration with TDL and Microsoft that allows miiCard members to log into any Azure Active Directory B2C enabled service.

To find out more go to miiCard.com

miiCard Digital Passport