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DirectID for Businesses.


DirectID for Businesses

DirectID is a plug and play identity and bank data service that helps businesses make smarter affordability assessments, increase operational efficiency, boost conversion and reduce fraud.


Combining a frictionless user experience with real-time financial data reporting and analytics, for both consumer and business bank account holders, DirectID is powering instant, online onboarding and affordability assessment in retail banking, lending, mortgages and collections.

By working with what consumers already have, their existing bank verified identities and documents, so they don’t have to go offline, be delayed or drop out we make it easy for them to verify and share personal and financial data online. Faster than traditional methods and taking under 25 seconds for bank verification, we’re enabling businesses to serve their customers in real-time.

The platform includes bank verification for over 5000 accounts across 32 countries, document authentication for over 3500 government issued ID documents worldwide and connections to bureau data within the United Kingdom and North America.

Built for flexible and rapid implementation, the DirectID platform includes an embedded user experience (UX) as well as a backend Dashboard and API, and is available as a fully hosted service. DirectID also powers the miiCard Digital Passport.

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Benefits to the Business

Smarter Credit Decisions: Increase accuracy in credit and affordability decisions and meet responsible lending requirements with real-time bank data.

Reduce Fraud: Bank Verified Identity and live financial data can reduce fraud attempts by as much as 80%.

Increase Operational Efficiency: Automate or streamline manual underwriting and customer onboarding processes with DirectID and increase operational efficiency by up to 60%.

Easy Access to Bank Data: We make it easy for businesses to get up and running with DirectID inside a week with our flexible implementation options.


Benefits to Consumer

Convenience: Lets your customers prove identity and share their bank statements - all online. On average 80% choose DirectID over document scans and waiting in line.

Quick and Easy: Bank Verification is easy for customers who bank online because it's something they do on a regular basis. And it takes just 25 seconds on average, so it's really fast.

Personalised Products: By sharing their real-time financial position you can offer customers products and services that best meet their needs and keep them happy customers.


Platform Overview

DirectID combines multiple data sources - bank verification, live financial data, documents and bureau checks - as a single platform with the flexibility to fit into your existing processes.

Our smart workflow engine controls the user experience in capturing the required information to verify, aggregate and process that individual regardless of which services are enabled.

Data is available through both the Dashboard and API and easily connected to the front office, call centre, back office or decisioning platform.


Learn how DirectID makes customer onboarding and verification faster, easier and stronger.