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DirectID is our business service, focussing on one time verifications with a frictionless user experience that can be embedded directly into your business process.

DirectID combines Bank Verified Identities and Live Financial transaction history with bureau and other data sources to help businesses increase conversions, reduce fraud and make more accurate decisions.

Our secure, compliant and flexible platform is available as a hosted service, or integrated via our API. Reporting is user-friendly and key insights are highlighted and visualised via your personalised dashboard.

Learn how DirectID makes customer onboarding and verification faster, easier and stronger.

miiCard (My Internet Identity).

The miiCard Digital Passport is a persistent, consumer-centric identity that can be stored and accessed via web or mobile. Once a customer has created their miiCard, it can be easily used (just like a social login) to access a wide range of sites, prove identity and share personal information.

miiCard gives people the ability to verify, store and update their personal information in one place, sharing it when and where they want.

See how miiCard helps people take control of their online identity.


Our platforms use standard open protocols for information communications such as oAuth and OpenID Connect and are hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform as a Service Cloud Infrastructure for resiliency and scalability.

Every customer’s private information is secured to the highest levels both within our environment and that of any connected third party.


We’re everywhere our customers could possibly want us to be, plus a few places they maybe haven’t thought of expanding to yet.

Today we support over 30 countries and over 500 million customers.

Security and Data Protection.

Our security model is Bank level, layered and protected by tokenised oAuth authentication and strong elliptic curve Diffie-Hellman encryption, using a globally distributed, redundant, platform. All transaction data is encrypted and access to consumers’ bank information is read only.