Income Verification.

DirectID brings you the next generation of income verification using real-time bank data.

The next generation of income verification is here.

1. Real-time data

Our next generation income verification model goes beyond the models of the past, using real-time bank data and six unique algorithms to truly understand an individuals income.

2. True customer insights

Don’t rely on past models using inferred income from bureau data, or generic profiles of prime applicants. Our model provides true applicant insight via real-time bank data.

3. Data direct from the bank

We use bank data, direct from the source, removing application tampering and showing potential inflated income through our extended 12 month income view.

Better lending decisions with real-time bank data.

Remove application fraud.

DirectID removes potential statement tampering by connecting to bank data directly. It also provides insights to highlight any deliberate inflation of income, removes a dependence on out of date bureau data, and mitigates against incorrect customer asserted income whether it be accidental or malicious.

Drive down operational costs.

Connect to customer bank data and analyse their transactions in seconds allowing; operational teams to spend less time on the phone to customers, assessors to spend less time analysing documents, and credit risk officers to spend less time investigating potential fraud.

Make responsible lending decisions.

Let us help you truly understand your applicants and remove your reliance on vague income verification results like “looks correct” or “looks close”. DirectID provides a detailed estimated income figure AND a confidence score for every applicant by using real transaction data. 

Verify any customer.

Our income verification solution can verify anyone with an online bank account irrespective of credit history, thin files, new to country status, or simply those a bureau holds no data for. We don’t compare against limited data sets, or prime applicant profiles, we remain financially inclusive by analysing and verifying each individual’s raw bank data.

Packed with features to enable your lending decisions.

Six Algorithms.

Six unique income modelling algorithms make up our next generation model.

Estimated Income.

We provide a specific estimated income figure to help you understand each customer. 

Confidence Score.

We deliver a confidence score between 1-10 to support our estimated income figure.

Multiple Incomes.

See multiple incomes for consumers so you can go beyond applicants with standard salaries.

Top Re-occurring Income.

See only the top re-occurring deposits so you can focus on the significant lines of income.

Benefits Income.

We provide benefits income and a filter so you can select whether to use this in your decisions.

Designed to make your decisions easier.

Priority On Last 3 Months Income.

Supported With 12 Months Data.

Monthly Totals Of All Incomes.

Other Deposits Are Filtered Out.

Income Variance Indicators.

Income Stability Indicators.

How did we create the next generation of Income Verification?

1) We worked with top lenders, experts & financial institutions to find out what was currently broken.

2) We removed outdated assessment solutions and created a model based on six unique algorithms.

3) We got rid of basic flags like “looks close”, and built a detailed estimated figure with a confidence score.

4) We removed reliance on bureau data allowing any customer with an online bank account to be verified.

5) We went beyond 3 months, supporting recent income with consistency over time.

6) We cut through application fraud by accessing data direct from banks.

7) We created tools that analyse each applicant instead of comparing them to outdated data or prime applicants.

8) We got rid of estimated income based on credit history and instead use real income directly from a customer’s bank data.

How can your business start using Income Verification?

Embed Our Widget.

Embed our widget and start instantly requesting your customers to connect. 

View via Dashboard.

View income verification results and customer analysis through our visual dashboard.

Access via API.

Use income verification data directly in your instant decisioning engine through our API.

Want to see Income Verification live in action?

We’d love to show you our Income Verification product live with real-time data and talk you through how your business could benefit from it today. If you’re interested then Book A Demo today and our team will be in touch ASAP.

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