DirectID Data.

A single Open Banking API to access all of your customers provided financial data.

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We enable your financial institution to access consumer financial data.

1. Small lenders.

Streamline manual underwriting processes with DirectID’ Insights, reducing analyst time spent per application.

2. Large lenders and Banks.

Integrate data into instant decisiong engines or transform exceptions processes for applicants that fall outside of instant decision criteria.

3. Mortgage brokers.

Turn mortgage application processes into a matter of hours, gain the upper hand on competitors, and provide better deals with informed decisions.

4. Gaming institutions.

Maintain regulatory standards. Strengthen your registration requirements. Assess affordability, quickly detect AML risks and potential fraudulent activities.

5. FinTechs.

Start using real-time financial transaction data, direct from the bank. Create PFMs, financial health tools, and more by integrating with one API for all covered banks.

6. Financial support organisations.

Spend more time helping consumers better manage their finances by getting enhanced data to understand their financial behaviours.

One integration, whether you need 10 banks or 1000 banks.

We aggregate financial data sources from all over the world into one Open Banking API. So no matter how many (or how few) banks your need to access, we have the solution. With over 5,500 banks supported globally, you can get the coverage you need at home and abroad.


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Secure read-only access directly to the customers financial data.

Use our widget or hosted solutions to securely request access to read-only consumer bank data, providing you instant access to indepth data and reducing fraud through direct financial data instead of paper statements or emailed PDFs.


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One-time snapshots or ongoing data access.

Request a one-time snapshot of consumer data to assess and make financial decisions on, or extend your offerings through ongoing data access to either mitigate risk or create new financial products from.


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How the DirectID Platform works.

Example of DirectID Platform used for loan applications.

1) Applicant gives their consent via Connect Widget

The applicant gives consent by accepting the terms through the consent stage of the Connect Widget. This is then stored for the business through DirectID’s consent service.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via Connect Widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the Connect Widget by: selecting their bank provider; logging into their bank; and then authorising their bank to share their data.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the DirectID bank widget by: selecting their bank provider; and providing authorisation to their bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through Data or Insights

The bank data is passed through our categorisation and classification service into a database. The Insights dashboard and Open Banking API then pulls from this database, allowing businesses to access the bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through dashboard

The DirectID Dashboard pulls from this read-only data from the bank, allowing businesses to access and review the consumers bank data.

4) Business assesses the applicant

The business can then utilise the consumer financial data and apply their own decisioning models to assess the applicant such as KYC/AML, Income Verification & Affordability.

5) Business makes a decision

Based on the assessment, the business can then accept or reject the applicant. The business can then notify the applicant on the outcome.

One Open Banking API to access all the financial data you could need.

Providing you easy access to start using bank data from North America, UK CMA9 and top Challenger banks, and so many more around the world through a single integration.



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Single Data API.

Swift access to customer bank data through a single synchronous Open Banking API. This means one integration, with one API, you can leave the rest to us.

Consent service.

Configurable consent service that stores and timestamps both the terms and accounts users have consented to. Includes ability to validate consent.

Breadth of data.

Account Details; Balances; Transaction Details; Transaction Credits; Transaction Debits; Transaction Categories; and Transaction Classifications.

Plug and play with Connect Widget.

Simply plug our widget into your existing website or app and start getting real-time customer bank data instantly. Read more

Up to 12 months data.

Access 90 to 365 days of bank data for more informed decisions and reduced risk of fraudulent manipulation of customer finances.

Categorised & classified transactions.

70+ different business and consumer categories (type of transaction) and 10+ different classes (type of payment). Read more

Connect Hosted widget.

A zero-integration front-end solution using our Connect Hosted product Mobile optimised and made to match your brand. Read more

One time or ongoing access to data.

Businesses can easily choose to access a one-off snap shot of their customers data, or receive ongoing bank data.

Performance analytics.

Live performance analytics, and conversion funnels, help to continually optimise and improve onboarding of new or existing customers.

Live constant testing in our own PFM.

We use DirectID Data with our very own PFM, NoMo, so we know it works and improve it for real world use cases. Read more

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Start using real-time open bank data to assess your customers in minutes, not days!

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Grab one of our product add-ons to understand even more about your customer’s data.

Income verification.

We’re excited to enable any business to take advantage of the most advanced income verification model on the market.

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Bank account validation.

Start using the incredible power of bank data to avoid impostors and reduce fraud by quickly and easily validating bank accounts.

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