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Transform your assessments with instant insights.

1. Reduce operational costs.

Streamline manual underwriting processes with DirectID’ Insights, reducing analyst time spent per application.

2. Decrease assessment times.

Increase speed of assessments and total applications processed by removing the need for paper based bank statements.

3. Reduce application fraud.

Reduce fraudulent applications made by accessing bank data directly from accounts and reviewing up to 12 months of transaction history.

4. Meet compliance regulations.

Get tools that support Open Banking and help you meet responsible lending requirements by offsetting risk such as compliance, fraud and regulation.

5. Improve exceptions processes.

Larger companies can overhaul exception processes by adding instant application workflows and removing paper based bank statements.

6. See consumer financial trends.

Directly access rich transactional data to address income verification, affordability, credit risk, and analyse consumer financial behaviour.

Enabling business to focus on decisions.

Zero-integration solutions.

Technical capacity is no longer a barrier to using bank data. With DirectID fully hosted solutions you can start assessing live consumer financial data in less than a week! Simply use our fully hosted webpage to request consumer financial data and instantly access this via Insights.

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Consumer Financial Data via DirectID Insights, customer outgoings displayed on notebook.

Takes assessments from days to minutes.

With DirectID you can request and view Consumer Financial Data AND have all of the initial analysis done automatically. Don’t spend hours categorising transactions manually to understand income and spending. Simply get the analysis upfront and focus on the decision.


Understand consumer habits and quickly identify risks.

Allow DirectID to ease your work load by analysing consumer financial trends and providing them back to you in an easy to consume way. You can view loan repayments and gambling risks in seconds and make more informed decisions to lower your risk.

You can also improve your exceptions process by making more informed decisions about potential risk applicants through a better understanding of their financial history.

Consumer Financial Data via DirectID Insights, customer financial summary displayed on notebook.

How the DirectID Platform works.

Example of DirectID Platform used for loan applications.

1) Applicant gives their consent via Connect Widget

The applicant gives consent by accepting the terms through the consent stage of the Connect Widget. This is then stored for the business through DirectID’s consent service.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via Connect Widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the Connect Widget by: selecting their bank provider; logging into their bank; and then authorising their bank to share their data.

2) Applicant shares their bank data via widget

The applicant shares their bank data through the DirectID bank widget by: selecting their bank provider; and providing authorisation to their bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through Data or Insights

The bank data is passed through our categorisation and classification service into a database. The Insights dashboard and Data API then pulls from this database, allowing businesses to access the bank data.

3) Business receives bank data through dashboard

The DirectID Dashboard pulls from this read-only data from the bank, allowing businesses to access and review the consumers bank data.

4) Business assesses the applicant

The business can then utilise the consumer financial data and apply their own decisioning models to assess the applicant such as KYC/AML, Income Verification & Affordability.

5) Business makes a decision

Based on the assessment, the business can then accept or reject the applicant. The business can then notify the applicant on the outcome.

Want to see DirectID Insights live in action?

We’d love to show you our DirectID Insights product live and talk you through how your business could benefit from it today. If you’re interested then Book A Demo today and our team will be in touch ASAP.

Designed with our customers to include everything you need.

We tackle analysing income and spend, categorising cash-flow habits, detecting gambling or loan stacking and present it to you to make a decision with.



DirectID Digital Statements.

Statements that mirror the same info covered in a traditional bank statement.

Bank account details.

Customer Account Number; Sort Code; and Account Currency details.

Filterable data.

Adjust time periods, sources and categorisations of all views.

End Of Day balances.

End of Day Balance for each day within a transactions period.

Individual transaction details.

Detailed information on up to 12 months of account transactions are available.

Recurring incomes.

Top 3 recurring income items per month over the period with descriptions.

Income and balances.

Total income alongside Current and Available Balance.

Standing orders and Direct Debits.

All current Standing Orders and Direct Debits.

Categorised and classified transactions.

Automated transaction analysis customers habits. Read more

Recurring expenses.

Top 3 recurring expense items per month over the period with descriptions.

Credit & debit details.

Total value of credits and debits for a transactions period.

Gambling insights.

Total value, frequency and percentage of expenses on gambling.

Data explorer and CSV downloads.

A data explorer for detailed transaction investigation and supporting full CSV downloads.

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Let us do the investigating upfront, so you can focus on making the decisions.

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