Your Financial Assessment & onboarding solution.

DirectID uses Global Financial Aggregation methods, Open Banking Data, and Identity Services to remove barriers between you and your customers and provide enhanced financial and risk assessment tools.

Where All of Your Assessment Needs Come Together.

Here’s how we’ll help your team increase conversion rates, reduce risk, improve efficiency, and be up and running in a matter of days…

Applications become quick and easy for your customers.

A quick and easy online user journey allows customers to consent to you viewing their bank data through a direct, read only, connection. With everything needed for their application being handled online, dropout rates reduce and your quicker application times will increase your chances of retention.

Time delays of paper work are gone, and fraud risks reduced.

With out the customer needing to provide physical documents, the time between an application beginning and a decision being made is reduced exponentially. And because the information is returned through a direct connection to an online bank account it reduces the risk of fraud.

Operational efficiency is increased.

Through automating or streamlining your manual underwriting processes with DirectID Digital Bank Statements, businesses like yours can stand to increase operational efficiency by around 60% and reduce approval time from weeks or days – to just hours.

Compliance checks occur direct from the bank.

We’ve got you covered with comprehensive compliance and verification checks. DirectID supports a full online AML compliance and KYC verification process, removing the need for physical document notarisation and enabling the sale of high value products and services without any offline steps.

Complete implementation only takes a few days.

We understand business doesn’t stop for new systems to be implemented, and that businesses need to see ROI from a new service as soon as possible. That’s why we provide a range of solutions than can start working for you within 3 days of signing up with DirectID.

Technical capacity is no longer a barrier.

Whether you are a small or large business, finding technical capability or team capacity can be hard. With DirectID, that isn’t an issue. We provide a zero-integration Hosted page, a web and app friendly Plug & Play Widget, or a Front-End API to build into your existing services.

Reduce your risk. Improve your efficiency.

DirectID open banking platform screen shot on Mac Pro laptopThe days of relying on aged credit data, self-asserted income or paper copies of bank statements are over. DirectID real-time financial data and insights, such as Verified Income, supplements the credit bureau report to enable faster and smarter credit risk underwriting for lenders.

We support a full online AML compliance and KYC verification process so you can:

  • Grow your customer base profitably
  • Meet responsible lending requirements
  • Reduce loss rates and conduct sound risk mitigation
  • Reduce fraud and misrepresentation


DirectID open banking platform screen shot on Mac Pro laptopThe FCA has changed the way credit firms assess credit worthiness to ensure affordability is considered along side credit risk. Implementing open banking services into your business can help you stay ahead of the regulations and provide sustainable solutions to your customers.

Our tools support instant decision making and can help improve manual underwriting processes so you can:

  • Grow your customer base sustainably
  • Understand customers beyond immediate credit risk
  • Work to create better customer solutions


DirectID open banking platform screen shot on Mac Pro laptopOur tools help you reduce the need for manual income verification and its related delays in the customer journey. And because our real-time financial data and analytics service provides the most reliable information, direct from the customer’s online bank account, it can help your collections team get an instant view of income & expenditure  to optimise repayment plans when necessary.

  • Instant proof of income and expenditure for affordability assessments
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Make faster collections by identifying multiple payment windows


DirectID open banking platform screen shot on Mac Pro laptopBy automating or streamlining manual underwriting processes with DirectID Digital Bank Statements businesses stand to increase operational efficiency by around 60% and reduce approval time from weeks or days to just hours.

  • Remove offline processes for consumers
  • Boost data analysis efficiency
  • Streamline manual underwriting processes
  • Speed up decision times
  • See ongoing bank data to view a consumer’s financial state in real-time.


Our dedicated Customer Success team ensures you make the most from DirectID.

We aren’t just another service that leaves you in the lurch once you’ve signed up. We want you to be as successful as possible! That’s where our dedicated Customer Success team come in. They will be with you every step of the way, no matter how big or small your business is, to ensure you make the most of DirectID. They cover:

  1. Implementation Guidance and Assistance
  2. Widget and Hosted Page Customisation
  3. User Training for Dashboards and Analytics
  4. Technical & Financial Support Queries
  5. Advice as you grow, and so much more!

Get everything you need to transform your assessments and customer onboarding.

Access bank data in 32 countries, from over 5,500 banks, so you can serve customers both locally and across the world.

Implementation Options

All-in-One Assessment and Onboarding Solution.

Hosted Pages

For those without an integrating website, we have a fully customised hosted website which comes pre-packed with the Plug and Play Widget.


Plug & Play Widget

Bank Access and Consent widget easily plugs into an online application process to provide a seamless user journey.


Front-end API

Build your own front-end with our API. Businesses with the technological resources can build their own bank access and consent interface.


Assessment Tools

Insights Dashboard

Perfect for operational teams and call centres the Dashboard provides one place to manage customer on-boarding, assessments, and verifications.


Statement Access

Customer financial statements are returned in seconds, through a direct, read-only connection to the customers’ online bank account for accurate proof of income.


Data API

A native data API that effortlessly accesses and interrogates multiple customer data sources, allowing integration into other solutions.


Data Access

Real-time Access

Access and view real-time data at any stage to ensure decision making is based on the latest and most credible customer information.


Up-to 12 Months Data

Access 90 to 365 days of bank data for more informed decisions and reduced risk of fraudulent manipulation of customer finances.


Ongoing Consent

Enhance your offerings with ongoing access or monthly refreshes of financial consent to detect changes to a customer’s financial profile.


Data Enhancement

Performance Analytics

Live performance analytics, and conversion funnels, help to continually optimise and improve onboarding of new or existing customers.


Risk Alerts

Mitigate risk with ongoing data refreshes, ensuring you can be alerted to issues or potential money laundering activity as soon as it happens.



Integrates with decision engines, risk management platforms, CRMs and white label lending platforms to compliment existing processes.


Plans that work for you.

Our plans are designed to flex with your business needs. To get a quote for your unique business requirements get in touch or Book a Demo today.

“Bank statements don’t lie. With DirectID, the credit decision and ID is immediate and obvious.”

Lee Birkett

CEO, JustUs

“The DirectID widget is awesome, very user friendly and easy to implement as well! A basic setup can easily be done in under a day.”

Yannick Donkers

Head of Development, xpenditure

“DirectID gives us data in a format that allows us to close loans in as little as 48 hours so we can spend more time on the personal relationship side with clients.”

Faisel Rahmen

CEO, Fair Finance

Sign up today and you could be up-and-running in 3 days!*

Talk to us today about using DirectID and you could be increasing conversions, reducing customer frustration, and mitigating risk in less than a week.

*When using Plug & Play Widget or Hosted Page solutions.