Our Company Story.

How we started.

The ID Co. was set up in 2011. Our CEO, James Varga, had worked in other big FinTech’s (including household names in the UK) and felt that there was change in the air. There had been talk of bank data in the UK even before that time, and he knew that if he was able to get in early, that it would take off as there was just so much untapped benefit for consumers. Of course, we weren’t to know at that point that it wouldn’t be until January of this 2018 before bank data, what we now call Open Banking, finally became a reality in the UK! We were way ahead of our time, and in many respects, are still leading the curve. We now offer solutions in over thirty countries, with our products based around bank data. 

Where we’ve been.

We knew even when we set up The ID Co. in 2011 that bank data would become critical to how customers viewed their finances. We believed that bank data could become a verified method of proving your identity online, and to that end we created miiCard. With hindsight, miiCard was ahead of its time! Although miiCard has now been deprecated, we’ll be forever thankful for the lessons we learnt in generating 40,000 users to the service. Many of those lessons have directly impacted the subsequent launches of DirectID and NoMo.

What we do today.

Your bank holds all kind of information about you. It knows you better than anyone else. Using that bank data can be a secure and knowledgeable way to operate online. The goal of The ID Co. Is to break down barriers in finance, remove friction and offer speed and convenience for consumers. Whether this is by offering customised services in seconds, verifying your identity online, or seeing multiple bank accounts with one login, there is so much across banking and finance that innovation can improve. 

We now have two main services. DirectID, our business service, helps businesses like lenders onboard their customers by removing friction caused in the application process by current challenges of risk, compliance, fraud and regulation. NoMo, our consumer service, makes it easy to stay on top of your money.

Where we are heading.

We had a very successful 2018 and 2019 is looking stronger. In the early part of 2018 we moved into our new offices in Edinburgh city centre. Since then we have made significant investment in developing the teams with The ID Co. marketing, product, operations and our development team have all been expanded to prepare us for future growth. We have become regulated by the FCA and launched with a leading UK retail bank, Clydesdale, and live within the B mobile banking app. We’re seeing considerable traction in the UK and the US, so we’re preparing for that by having a full-time presence in the United States. With the regulations now in place, and new versions of the Open Banking standards being refreshed at speed, we’re well prepared for growth.


The leadership team.

We have an impressive leadership line up with knowledge and experience to drive The ID Co. through its next stage of growth.

Executive Team
The Board


Check out the team behind our amazing product DirectID here:

Andrew Martin

Chief Financial Officer
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James Varga

CEO & Founder
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Jamie McGregor

Chief Operations Officer
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Lazaro Campos

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Michael Boocher

Non-Executive Director
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Milko Radotic

Chief Commercial Officer
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Nick Kingsbury

Non-Executive Director
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